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Residential Propane Pricing Plans

We believe that everyone in Northwest Ohio has a right to affordable propane gas delivery to keep their properties powered and protected. That’s why we offer residential propane pricing plans. These flexible payment options are designed with your ease of use in mind. Modify your payment schedule based on the option that works best with your family’s home comfort budget. Check out your options below, then get in touch with our team to seal the deal and sign up for the plan of your choice.

Prebuy Plan

If you prefer to settle your propane bills for the whole year at the beginning of the season, we have an option for you. Utilize our Prebuy Plan to purchase your propane in advance for a guaranteed lower price. If you use fewer gallons than anticipated, the leftover will be credited to your account at the end of the cold season. On the off chance you need more gallons than budgeted, you’ll be invited into our Security Plan, which guarantees a capped price per gallon but also allows you to take advantage of lower prices if the market rate dips down.

Prebuy details are released in the summer. Please check back for updates if this program interests you.


Security Plan

Our Security Plan is a default program that involves a price cap per gallon that guarantees your cost doesn’t exceed a certain point. The bonus is that if the market price of propane drops, you’ll automatically gain access to the lower price. Automatic fuel delivery customers on the Security Plan get an additional discount on top of the capped price.

Propane Security Plan Price Diagram

Budget Plan

Our budget plan divides your annual fuel payments into 11 even monthly increments. There is one month off in the summer to accommodate for bill settlement if the gallons predicted are slightly above or below your actual used gallons for the year. Our customers love the predictability and easy budgeting that this plan offers. The Budget Plan will automatically renew for your convenience and accessibility.

Propane Monthly Budget Plan Graph for Prism Propane

Contact Us to Sign up or Ask Questions

No two families are the same, and that means that no two budgets will be perfectly alike. We look forward to getting you signed up for the propane pricing plan that best fits your needs and preferences. Contact our team of propane experts to sign up for one of these plans—we can’t wait to exceed your pricing flexibility expectations.